Faster Safari access in iOS

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Fantastic tip for speeding up Mobile Safari’s page loading in iOS devices


States and provinces for Rails' grouped_options_for_select

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My company was needing a state drop down in a Rails app to record license plate states. As a higher-education institution, there is the possibility of Canadian and Mexican vehicles as well. Not finding a Rails-ready hash for the grouped_options_for_select method, I converted an HTML version to a Rails-ready version for my reference and perhaps the benefit of others.

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Apple PR not Safari 5 Reader compatible?

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Apple PR posted a letter discussing their solution for the reception issues some have been having with iPhone 4. I’ll be interested to see if, once the fix has been applied, users are concerned with the lower-reported (though, apparently more accurate) reception.

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Syncing Safari 5 Extensions between Macs using Dropbox.

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An article on Macgasm discusses how to keep your Safari 5 Extensions synced between your Macs. While this is a nice solution, symbolic links and the excellent, free Dropbox (referral link if you don’t have it) provide a cleaner, transparent solution.

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HTML5 and Degradation

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A Flickr photoset of Apple’s HTML5 Showcase on a Newton’s 15-year-old browser.

The fact that these pages are viewable on something so old is a strong argument for both accessibility and semantic markup. Flash and other binary-based resources can’t claim this (of course). This bodes well not just for accessibility and flexible design, but also on future-proof web content; a win for everyone.


Safari 4.0.5 using less memory?

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It may just be me, but Safari 4.0.5 (released yesterday) is not using nearly as much memory as prior versions. Perhaps Top Sites was to blame more than I thought. Here’s to hoping it continues to improve. I think the experience of Safari is still superior to other Mac browsers, but not for a hug performance hit.


Flash on a website?

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Should I Flash for a website?

I recently had a coworker ask for articles/rationale for not using Flash for a website. While nothing here is original, the hope is to provide a quick, basic summary of reasons why Flash may not be a good choice for website content. Some issues with Flash:

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A few thoughts on a WWDC keynote reaction piece

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A few thoughts from Apple’s announcements are underwhelming

NOT EVEN Apple messiah Steve Jobs could be bothered to get out of bed for the fruit-themed company’s announcements at its World Wide Developers Conference yesterday.

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Unsolicited thoughts on the iPad

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(Bias disclosure: I’ve been a Mac user for over 20 years and am an AAPL shareholder. I do not claim to be dispassionate about this :-)

So the iPad has come out, and the questions have begun: Is there a place for it in the average computer user’s life? Isn’t it just a big iPod touch? Why doesn’t it do X?

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Ruby vs. MySQL (or, the day I learned about Benchmark)

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I was writing a small Rails app for work to allow faculty and students to sign up for various events. So I had a Signup model :has_many timeslots that :has_many people. I needed to retrieve the email addresses for people that had signed up for timeslots after a certain time (i.e. all the people that had registered for a timeslot after Saturday at 10:00). Since the timeslots may not be in chronological order, I couldn’t find timeslots by a timeslot id.

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