We were watching the closing ceremonies for the Winter Olympics last night. Part of the ceremony was the passing of the flag from Vancouver to Sochi, Russia for 2014. A Russian chorale sang the Russian anthem, which is a carryover from the Soviet regime. It was deeply moving, and I recognized it from Hunt for Red October.

I enjoyed the music so much (and the movie/music from Hunt for Red October) that I started thinking I could be a Soviet. So I made a list:


  1. Fabulous Soviet Music
  2. Mild summers
  3. The letter 3 (or Ze))
  4. Russian Dolls
  5. Fun fur hats
  6. Communism (the idea of equality is a nice one)


  1. The legacy of Communism and the Iron Wall
  2. Colder than cold winters
  3. History of genocide under Lenin
  4. Odd hours for watching live college football
  5. Communism (the reality of Communism is hideous)

Since there aren’t Soviets anymore, this really isn’t an issue. I’ll just have to indulge my ears in Cold War music and be content to live in Oklahoma.