Per complykated’s lead, here’s my contribution to the new movement


Gorillas. I like gorillas. I like people that like gorillas, but I think that Jane Goodall (of whatever her name was) is a little creepy. I’m not sure that I could live with gorillas for years and years, though I did live in the boys dorms for several years, and that’s close tp the same thing I guess. At least the smell and the behavior is, but we didn’t have many people throwing poop. I also like the group gorillas, but it is spelled with a z at the end. We heard a song of theirs while at Randy’s M&M that I tagged on my iphone and have since bought the album. Randy’s, while once a great place to get cheap video rentals, is not a liquor store. I wonder what gorillas would be like when they’re drunk. Probably hbhb not much different than what they are now. I don’t know. hbhbhb I like gorillas at the zoo, especially those with the silver hair on their backs. I’m glad that I don’t have hair on my back, at least for now, though I realize that at some point it will probably happen to me like it happens to most people. Hopefully I’ll be able to contain it when it does happen. I wonder sometimes if Gorillas were to take, hey Charlton Heston was fighting gorillas or apes ro something. I never saw that movie, but I did see him in the 10 Commandments and in Tombstone, and a Bud Light commercial. Makes me wonder about gorillas and alcohol, but I see we’ve already been there.