complykated and I did our Stream of Consciousness Saturday again. Today’s theme was “yellow.” We hand-wrote this one, so mine is shorter than lasts week’s because my handwriting is a little slow.

Yellow is the color of the flowers on the table. They’re pretty flowers and bring a nice brightness to an otherwise lifeless end-of-winter as the earth is waking up from its slumber and ready to grow again. I think this is a metaphor for life that we don’t explore enough, but that’s not really about yellow.

Yellow is also the name of a Coldplay song from a decade or so ago. It’s the best song I know of that’s about a color, unless you consider ‘tangerine’ a color, which is probably only true for designers and crayon snobs. I’m not sure what the song is about, but I do have a version of it on my computer from an acoustic session they did. My friend Travis got married on a golf course [time up]

Here’s to hoping for a more interesting (and longer) stream next week. If you want to join in, there’s a topic posted under Kate’s post (linked above).