We watched the Thunder game last night and they lost by a point. I didn’t see it because I messed up the DVR and didn’t get the end. It brings to mind the importance of score to me. One team’s season is over because the score says they are one point behind.

One of the things I’ve tried to do in my life (with much recent success I might add) is to not keep score. The only purpose of score is to rank people; I know where I am in relation to you because of this number or status. Be it relationships, tests, wrongs, favors, etc scores can get me in a lot of trouble thoughtwise. Hopefully I’ll continue to be able to silence my inner scorekeeper.

Hit a roadblock, Hit a roadblock

That said, the no-score kits leagues aren’t…

[out of time]

For those new here, this is part of the ongoing Stream of Consciousness Saturday series my wife and I have going on. Here’s Complykated’s entry