and so 9 years ago today, I did. We’ve been Double Ring Roommates ever since.

Oh, it wasn’t that pragmatic. It took me a bit to get over the fear of getting engaged, but once that was done, I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else. I still can’t.

I didn’t know what life would be like years down the road (who does?) but I’m glad that she’s been along for the adventure.

I’m glad to be married to Kate because she’s just as fun and playful now as she was when I first met her. She listens to my stories, dreams, and goals (and the mundane stuff too).

She’s put up with the times when I’m indecisive and uncertain (though these are much rarer as I’ve grown to trust her support), sleepy, and worried.

She has magically turned a house into a home and two little boys into young (but growing quickly!) men. She’s watched as I’ve turned into a better man (because of her). She believes in me; at times more than I believe in myself. She trusts me with our family – both leadership and providing – which is a huge honor.

She has the respect of many others, whether she sees it or not, though I’m not surprised at all. I’m always proud to have her beside me.

Oh, and she looks dead sexy playing a guitar.

Things that get better with age: Beatles music, maple trees, OU’s football tradition, and my marriage to Kate.

Unrelated: I don’t know who these kids are, but I thought the post could use a picture.

Luke and Kate at a year

And her post today? Probably the sweeting thing anyone’s ever said about me. Thanks wife :-) I love you deeply…