I’m not sure when peeves were first domesticated, but they’ve certainly flourished in captivity. From what I can tell, there’s a growing market for peeves to live inside us. Those with too many pet peeves are regarded as annoying or neurotic (like a lady with too many cats) and those with none are deemed easy-going (or perhaps apathetic).

I realize I’ve got quite a few peeves lingering about. Some of them are silly, some are noble, and some need to be put out to pasture. My [growing] list includes:

  • those who don’t use indicators
  • interrupters
  • uninformed and dogmatic
  • those whose most frequent conversation topic are TV show plots and quotes
  • overuse of the word anyways
  • policemen who speed
  • abuses of grammar
  • people with growing lists of pet peeves :-)

Most of mine deal with behaviors that people that bother me. I think there will be some things that always do (though less so as I age), and there are some that have nearly gone altogether (like letting those who cut me off know that they have by getting a little too close).

Lingering questions remain: Are there wild packs of peeves out there? Are they dangerous? Do they carry rabies? Do they prey upon the innocent and steal their sheep during the night?