MPAA, thanks for the growing trend of providing digital copies of your movies with the purchase of a physical disc. It shows you realize how much people value portability and convenience. The package of UP even notes how you can watch this on an iPhone or iPod touch. Very nice.

But I’m a little confused when you sue to prevent people from making digital copies of movies they own for personal use. How is this different from providing a copy for free?

Also, purchasing a legal copy of a movie (which is often DRM-crippled) is not a cheap undertaking, often costing as much as or more than a physical disc copy. This, despite the fact that it requires no packaging or distribution on your part.

If piracy and illegal sharing is the [understandable] concern, why do you make this easier on consumers by giving them a copy with a DVD disc and seek to make it harder for people to do the exact same thing (a digital copy, but in a resolution of file size of their choice) you’re doing?