A Latin phrase meaning, “it is solved by walking.”

I was recently talking with my bride about solving a problem while walking to watch a basketball game. I had been working at it for a few hours, but no easy solution had materialized. I wasn’t a few minutes from the door, however, when the answer came to me. It was a little frustrating because it was an easy solution, but one that did not appear until I took a walk.

Has this ever happened to you? A challenge or an answer coming while you’re not thinking about it? There’s something powerful about our created minds and their ability to process information without having it at the forefront.


  • More frequent walks. Most every day could be improved with a short walk or two.
  • Less continuous time put into problem solving. If it doesn’t have an answer fairly soon, shelf it and let the mind work for a bit.
  • Occasional long walks, to let the mind wonder, meditate, and reset itself.