I’m not sure to what degree God works. I hear people talk with certainty about what he is doing in their life, and I’m usually skeptical or jealous (more on that later). Occasionally, however, something happens that gets me thinking more.

Kate called while I was on the scenic drive to Abilene for work. She said, with some trepidation, that she had lost her engagement ring. My fingers have remained the same size since high school and my rings only come off with coercion. My bride’s fingers have slimmed a little, giving her rings a little latitude. She had done some work around he house and some gardening in the backyard, but wasn’t sure where it came loose. Initial searches were unsuccessful.

I’m proud of that ring. It was the one she wanted – simple platinum band with a single stone – and I was proud that I bought it with cash after working hard for most of a summer. There is also, of course, the symbolic and sentimental value. I had previously told her that she got a free replacement ring should the original ever get lost, but I wasn’t looking forward to ever making good on that.

A few weeks later Kate and the boys went skiing with family, and work obligations kept me home. I was outside on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, enjoying a beverage, sunshine, and The Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard. The open pages spoke of communicating deeply with God. I don’t do this well. I said a prayer asking for the concepts in the book to be true in my life.

The next morning during bible class, my mind wondered to the missing ring. I got a strong sense that it was in our backyard, in one of two potted plants adorning part of our mini-courtyard. The pot in the corner seemed the most likely place, with the ring in the middle of the soil. I have no idea why this thought came to me in the middle of class; I had not thought of the ring in a while.

After services, I went straight home and started unearthing the plant in the corner pot. Sure enough, in the center of the pot about halfway down, was the ring. It was not only in the last place I looked for it, but in the first place as well. I took a picture and emailed it to Kate. There was much rejoicing.

Does God care about lost diamond rings, especially with weightier matters in the world? Does the ring even matter in light of the lesson? Why am I still dismissive at times and give chance some credence? I’m not looking for hard-and-fast answers, but I am grateful for the lesson, the book, and the experience (oh, and the ring :)

I’m getting there (I think).