This last week in Oklahoma City a Satanist group performed an exorcism at the Civic Center Music Hall downtown. The group, [formerly] known as the Church of the IV Majesties, sought publicity and shock value in their parody of Catholic exorcisms. Fair enough, it’s a free country. Anything we can do to minimize vomiting girls with rotating heads is a plus in my book.

What interested me, however, was circumstances before the event. Before the event one of the co-founders of the church, James Hale, went online to search for the address of another leader. It was then that he found he was a registered sex-offender. This revelation caused some concern in the church, and the offender was expelled (ex-communicated?). Issues like who could cancel the scheduled event and who had control of the bank account were still to be decided.

A few thoughts:

  • Why aren’t sex offenders allowed in Satanic groups? It’s not that I think all Satanists are bad or should be sex offenders, but it is curious to me as to why it matters.
    • I’m not sure who one can claim to worship the epitome/personification of evil and exclude people for doing evil. I guess I assumed that moral failings wouldn’t be an issue for Satanists.
    • Perhaps they’re concerned the member will hurt their cause. Something along the lines of “we follow the lord of darkness and those actions don’t conform to that”?
    • Is Satan supposed to produce different traits like concern for the poor and loving your neighbor?
  • It’s entirely possible their whole church and faith is a parody (as the exorcism is stated to be). If so, I’m not sure why anyone would bother with Satan. If you’re going to do parody I think the FSM is a better way to go.
  • It’s comforting, in a twisted sort of way, to see non-Christian churches have power struggles and membership squabbles.
  • It’s tragic that Mr. Hale can address the situation by seriously saying “That’s the difference between us and the Catholic Church. We admit our mistakes and do something about it.” and be right.
  • What would Satan’s Beattitudes (Matthew 5:3-12) look like?

I’m genuinely puzzled about this. I’m not too informed about satanic practices but, honestly, not interested enough to learn (for now).