Chants from The Thin Red Line is a recording or chants from natives of a Melanasian island, chants that supplement the excellent soundtrack of the movie. They sound like angelic beings, or at least what I imagine such would sound like if they came to the Pacific, learned pidgin English, and wanted to create aural magic.

As first chant begins, a wave of transcendance starts by my ears and washes down to my feet, as though someone were pouring a bucket of other-worldly chills that cascades to my toes. The chants are raw, loud, primitive, and haunting.

I love when music does this; when sounds transport us to places we only go in our dreams of a better world or ideals of a transformed situation. Whether it’s Jeff Buckley or Van Morrison or a handful of other magical artists and moments, the power of music is awesome.

As Jari, a reviewer, notes listening to this music is like looking at stained glass with your ears.

You may not like the chants if you heard them, and that’s ok. The beauty of a free country is that you’re allowed to be wrong :-) But I’ll bet you have similar experiences. Make deliberate efforts to enjoy them.

If you’re interested: 30 second samples on Amazon stream entire first song