Then the world, in a prison of dispair and postmodern confusion, heard about people of faith, they send messengers to ask “Are you the answer to the existential angst in our lives and the pain in this world, or should we expect something else?”

Those of faith replied, “Go back and tell what world what you hear and see: The needy are clothed, the widows and orphans are looked after, inequality is opposed, the sick are cared for, and unwanted babies are taken in. Cups of cold water and free meals are given in Jesus’ name…”

The world looked hopeful.

“…and the homosexual community is vilified, violence is condoned in the name of country, healthcare is denied to the poor, the planet is being abused, economic inequality is growing, and tens of millions of dollars are spend to advertise the end of the world. Blessed are those who do not fall away on account of us.”

And the world went away, saddened and confused.

(With apologize to Matthew and Luke)